Cristiano Ronaldo's Partner, Georgina Rodriguez's Sister Reveals She Is 'Broke And Isn't Getting Help' From The Model


The sister of Cristiano Ronaldo's glamorous partner, Georgina Rodriguez has disclosed that she is broke and has been living as a squatter without receiving any help from her. 


Patricia Rodriguez said she is going through a difficult moment financially, stressing that she is ruined and that she has been living as a squatter for three years.

She told Spanish TV show Socialite yesterday: 'I'm broke and my sister doesn't help me. What hurts me the most are my children, not me.


'After all, I can get by on a piece of bread, but my children, who are her nephews and nieces.

'I wasn't expecting this from my sister. Sometimes I have enough to eat, other times I don't. Sometimes I have enough to pay the rent, other times I don't.'


The 33-year-old said her relationship with her model sister, 28, who shares two children with Ronaldo, has been turbulent, particularly following the death of their father in 2019.


Patricia said she 'still didn't have his ashes' because of her sister.


In a desperate plea, she said: 'Georgina, I need help, you're my sister.


'I know you have no obligation or responsibility, but as you are supportive of and so good with others, at least be so with your nephews and nieces.

'If you don't want to help me, help your nephews and nieces.'

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