Delay Reacts To Afia Schwar’s Claims That She Was Desperate To Be A Politician’s Sidechick

Delay has subtly reacted to Afia Schwar’s wild claims that she was once desperate to become either a footballer or a politician’s side chick.

In a lengthy post the comedienne authored on her Instagram page just a few hours ago, she slammed Delay for living a double life because she portrays herself as a saint on the internet but she’s the devil incarnate in real life.

Amongst other revelations, she insinuated that Delay has been chasing men and could not be taken seriously if she preaches about morality, feminine values, and decency.

Afia Schwar’s latest accusations against Delay followed after the TV show host advised hundreds of ladies who were present at a summit not to be moved by the fake lives of celebrities on the internet.

In a fresh Instagram post, Delay has brushed off all of Afia Schwar’s unkind words thrown at her.

She rubbished the claims made by her former bestie that she played a vital role in her success.

According to Delay, although she has been victimized, harmed and pushed away but she has survived all of them because of her resilience and God’s grace.

Sharing an alluring picture of herself beaming with glittering smiles, she captioned it with the critical words below;

‘You are the boss of your life. You alone make the choices and take the actions that lead to the life that you are living. Of course we have been victimized, harmed, pushed away, but these actions by others do not define US. We understand, heal, learn and get up again stronger and wiser. No one has the power to name who we are. This is our right my loves!‘

After their friendship broke off, Afia Schwar has been on Delay’s neck and has not spared any opportunity to throw shots at her.

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