Delay Shows Off Her Fleet Of Cars To Inspire Young Ladies

Award-winning broadcaster Delores Frimpong Manso aka Delay has surprised social media users after putting her fleet of cars on display during a visit to the Ashanti Regional Capital, Kumasi recently.

Delay just organized a mentorship program dubbed “Remember Your Creator in Your Youth.”

With her automobile fleet and a gang of young people backing her for the initiative, Delay stormed Kumasi in style.

Delay talked passionately and offered the best advise to the young men and women who made time for her, as seen in videos from the program.

Delay spoke about her money in a recent video that surfaced.

The media star admitted that she struggles with deciding what style of clothes or vehicle to drive when going out.

She acknowledged that she is so fortunate that choosing a car and a clothing makes going out difficult.

Delay continued by saying that anyone who chooses to marry her won’t have to worry about where to acquire the money to build themselves a house because she also has her own home.

She continued, “I am the lady who wants to be a wealthy wife and only wants a focused, industrious man.”

Watch the video below:

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