Listen: Meykar – Rckls

The future of the Nigerian music industry continues to shimmer brightly as numerous artists, distinct in sound, start to unfold. One artist who has shown flexibility is Emeka Orji, known by his stage name Meykar.     Meykar is an Afro-fusion artist who flawlessly blends Afro sounds with diverse genres such as hip-hop, dancehall, and R&B. His distinctive songwriting sets him apart, while his ample knowledge in production and sound engineering enables him to craft relatable and unprecedented music. Meykar has carved out a name for himself in his city with his single 'RCKLS,' which conveys his experiences, mood, and emotions in a way that draws listeners into his world.     Describing his sound as colorful and dainty, one of his particular strengths is his ability to shape his lyrics with captivating melodies. He recently dropped this single titled 'RCKLS,' falling into the Afro-Fusion and alternative genre. Meykar says he draws inspiration from his personal love interest. The single comes with a beat that features piano and percussive drums, making it an amazing record. He has also been likened to artists like Runtown, Lojay, and Ruger. Additionally, he mentions that his target audience consists of young listeners and the Generation Z audience.   




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