Hajia4Real Reveals How She Made Her Fortune In An Old Interview | WATCH

Hajia4reall, a famous Ghanaian socialite, actress, and singer, is currently trending on the internet after news broke late yesterday that she was apprehended in the United Kingdom for her alleged involvement in internet fraud.

According to unconfirmed reports, she was arrested in the United Kingdom in connection with a $8 million fraud scheme in the United States.

Prior to this issue, Hajia4Real's main source of income was and still is unknown.

Many social media users have questioned how she can afford her lavish lifestyle with the deluxe whips, Trassaco estate mansion, and other properties in her name.

She told the show's host that every expensive property she owns is the result of years of hard work and consistent prayer.

Netizens who came across these old videos labeled her a pathological liar because the main source of her wealth has now been revealed after years of hiding in the shadows.

While some have expressed shock over Hajia4Real’s alleged connection with the scam, skeptics believe she is innocent and would be freed after investigations are concluded.

This is a developing story. KUBILIVE will bring you updates when new information becomes available.

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