Martha: Pregnant Woman In Viral Cheating Video Commits Suicide


Martha, the pregnant woman who was seen in the viral cheating video has committed suicide.

According to sources in her home country Zambia, Martha took her life following the widespread embarrassment she suffered.

Several Zambian-based news outlets report.

It’s said that Martha’s husband discovered her making inappropriate contact with another man while she was pregnant.

Her spouse yelled angrily after being startled.

People started looking through social media to learn more about what had happened.

Martha allegedly informed her husband that she was visiting her family in another location (Kitwe). However, the outcome was different. When Martha’s husband returned home, he learned what had happened.

There is no additional information about what specifically occurred. These days, some obscene stuff has been posted on social media. But there are certain limitations on explicit content on websites like Instagram and Twitter.

Many people have criticized the spouse for publishing this information, saying that it should have been handled privately because it was a private matter.

Others have argued that there is nothing improper about calling things out for what they are.

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