My Take On National Issues Happens Organically : Sarkodie


Ghanaian rapper, Sarkodie is unconcerned by the accusations on social media that he cannot criticize the current administration.

Sarkodie has come under major criticism for supporting the present NPP administration in his song ‘’Happy Day’’ during the 2020 elections while keeping mute on the current economic crisis under the same government.

Sarkodie’s critics believe he should call out the NPP government the same way he did former John Mahama and his NDC government in his ‘’Dumsor,’’ ‘’Inflation’’, and ‘’Masses’ songs.

However, Sarkodie has explained in an interview with 3Musiv TV, that speaking out on issues has to come organically and not from pressure from Ghanaians to do so.

‘’When I did “masses” and “inflation” and “Dumsor” who told me to do it? And the funny thing is you might think you are doing a good thing trying to get me to do it but you are actually interfering with creative feel. I don’t just do stuff sitting down and thinking ooo Ghanaians said I should talk about the economy; that will not be authentic. I will say stuff that I don’t mean. It has to happen organically, that’s what happened with it and it’s still relevant at this point,” he explained.

The B.E.T award-winning rapper also explained that whatever economic and social issues he has addressed in the past still holds and will only be a repetition if he makes another song on those same issues.

“Whatever I said in “Inflation” hasn’t changed so going to say it again, these same people will say oo, he has said it before and I don’t explain myself because we have two types of ears in Ghana, the political ears and the regular ears and the political ears dominate country,” he added.

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