Nigerian Singer Rema ‘Collapses’ During A Concert In The UK | WATCH

A video showing the moment Nigerian singer Rema appeared to have passed out on stage during his concert at O2 Academy in London has caused a stir online.

The 22-year-old Afrobeats star was in an ecstatic and energetic mood when he mounted the stage to thrill his fans who had waited to see him in his element.

Midway through his performance, Rema seemed to have lost consciousness and fell to the floor, prompting the facilitators of the show to rush to his aid.

He was lifted on a stretcher and carted backstage to be given medical attention.

Watch the moment Rema collapsed in the video below.

The incident stoked mixed feelings among the rapturous crowd, many of whom feared for the wellbeing of the singer.

However, another footage making the rounds shows the moment Rema jumped off the stretcher backstage and rushed back to the stage to continue his performance. 

Apparently, the breakdown was a stunt infused into the performance just to add some spice to the whole concert. In reaction, the crowd went wild as spirited chants filled the air.

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