Update: Woman Who Was Arrested For Insulting Nana Addo Freed


Madam Salamatu who was arrested by the Ghana Police Service yesterday for insulting and wishing Nana Addo dead in a viral video has been released.

According to reports, the mother of four was picked up yesterday after her video went rife on the local digital space and raised eyebrows in the process.

The lawyer of Salamatu Mohammed, Gideon Koku Abotsi, who disclosed this in an interview with GhanaWeb, said that his client was not charged with any crime by the police.

In the fast trading video, Madam Salamatu Mohamed was filmed venting that;

Akufo-Addo, we are begging you in the name of God; we cannot even afford pots to cook our food. Do you want us to use your head to cook?

“Now the price of an aluminium cooking pot has increased from 6 million (GHC 600) to 12 million (GHC 1200). Why?”.

God will punish you. Can’t you kill this man, Ghanaian witches and northern ritualists?I have four children; do you know the feeding fees I pay? Do you know the feeding fee, I am going to pay today… Idiot,”

As confirmed by Lawyer Gideon Koku Abotsi his client was detained by the police as a result of the popular video, and they (the police) stated they will be looking into the situation further.

In his own words; We managed to secure a bail for her (Salamatu Mohammed). She was not charged with any crime (but) the police will continue the investigation,”

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