World Cup: Neymar Displays Exceptional Skill As Brazil Trains With Drone


The Brazilian national team is poised for the World Cup, and as a favourite, they are far ahead in preparations to win the cup.

A video from the training shows players training with a drone on how to control a high ball dropping from the sky.

These players were in turn given the opportunities to control these high balls with their first touch.

In the video, the drone dropped the ball from up high in the sky and each player had to measure the speed of the ball and control it on their first touch.

Players like Raphina and Antony could not control them at all. Even Richarlison could not handle the speed of the ball on his first touch.

The only player who showed exceptional skill was Neymar who controlled the ball brilliantly on his first touch and received praise from the players.

Brazil is in Group G with Serbia, Switzerland and Cameroon.

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