Any Wife Who Demands Money From The Husband Before Lovemaking Is A Prostitute : Diana Hamilton

In some homes, wives demand money from their husbands before allowing them to enjoy the warm, sweet, heavenly-curved and juicy honey pot at night or at any time of the day.

A few come out t complain and even men who come out to complain are told to suffer in silence because society has raised women above men in areas of intimacy.

Both men and women enjoy sex but it has become like only men are those who are in need of that. This and many more have coerced Multiple award-winning Ghanaian Gospel artist Diana Hamilton to speak up.

In an interview on TV XYZ, the “Adom” hitmaker slammed women who have been demanding money and gifts before having sexual intercourse with their husbands. She lambasted women with a such character saying that they have no right to do that.

The ‘Adom Hitmaker’ described wives who take money from their husbands as ‘prostitutes’. 

“If you take money from your husband for sex it means you are a prostitute. If it happens that way then that is prostitution. A woman who does that is equal to a commercial sex worker”

“Why do you have to wait till sex time before you demand money from your husband? Taking money from your husband before sex is not right”, 

She further advised men who also deny their wives the responsibility of providing for them, that they must do everything possible to provide for them to avoid anything that will destroy their marriages.

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