8 Interesting Facts About Cristiano Ronaldo You Might Not Know


Cristiano Ronaldo is considered one of the finest sportsmen in the history of mankind.

Growing up in a modest home, Ronaldo never imagined being as great as he is now.

The Portuguese star and Real Madrid legend has graced the game for the past 15 years with consistency hence he deserves all the praises and 5-star accolades from football lovers all over the world.

In this piece, KUBILIVE looks at the top 8 interesting thugs about Cristiano Ronaldo that most people might not know.

1). CRISTIANO was named “RONALDO” in tribute to President Ronald Reagan. CR7’S dad was a big fan of the former US President so much so that he decided to name his son after him.

2). Ronaldo was signed by Manchester United because he impressed the United team so much (in a friendly match against Sporting C.P, Ronaldo’s first club), that they forced Sir Alex to sign him at any cost.

3). Ronaldo didn’t want to be No.7 in Manchester. He wanted the No. 28 jersey when he arrived at ManU because he was unsure that he will ever reach the heights of previous No. 7 legends of United such as Beckham and Cantona. Sir Alex told him that he will be even greater.

4). Cristiano Ronaldo set a new record for attendance during his MADRID debut. On July 6, 2009, more than 80,000 people gathered at Bernabeu to watch the Portuguese player.

5). He won the very first Puskas award. Created in 2009 The Puskas award goes to the most beautiful goal of the year. He scored that goal in the Champion league Semi-final against F.C Porto.

6). No tattoos, no alcohol, no cigarettes. He doesn’t drink alcohol because of his dad and he doesn’t have tattoos or smoke cigarettes to enable him to donate blood regularly.

7) There is a museum named Museu CR7 in his hometown of Funchal, Portugal, dedicated to him which contains his trophies, rare photographs, medals, and lots more related to the player

8). Ronaldo met with the love of his life, Georgina Rodrigez in 2016 at a Gucci Store where she worked as a Shop manager. She’s also from Argentina and they have a wonderful family together

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