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If you are an upcoming bride or groom, and busy in deciding you wedding stationery. Don’t worry, you are going to visit best marriage card designs through this article and can make your wedding eternal in your guest’s mind.

History of Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations have come a long way in our tradition. In the 1400s they were usually sent by the town, and this meant that everyone was invited. A few hundred years later, now every couple can send out wedding invitations like royalty.

You can get hand lettering and yet add so much creativity in your invitation, thanks to the Post Office, you can keep your guest list as limited as you want. And if you buy a ready-made card from physical or online shop, they offer you so many templates according to your event. Even the simplest designs include a few extra pieces (i.e. an RSVP card and envelope) before you start adding things like envelope liners and belly bands.

The main invitation should include your name, your wedding date, venue, start time and dress code. To help you figure out which ones you should definitely include in your invitation suite, there is the best site offering you card designs and you can upload your own design as well. It is the top searched site to assist you choosing your wedding stationery affordably.

As for the entry (and how many) to include, this site recommends consulting with your stationer and sharing all the wedding details you want to include. What inserts are necessary to fit in and display information in an aesthetically pleasing way that fits your suite. The good news is that the rules of wedding reception etiquette are not that complicated in this site. The rules are actually simpler and more straightforward than you think. And no matter what, they are there to serve as a guideline. 

The most important rule is to create a beautiful wedding invitation that represents you, your love and the big day ahead (and communicates important wedding details)—hence the wedding invitation wording.

Feel free to add texts for your loved ones so that they can never forget the important date by your reminder text.

Infinite Unique Ideas

Invitations set the tone for the wedding, and you don’t want to invite your guests with something that isn’t your style. So if you’re ready to surprise your guests with an invitation suite that feels more personal than traditional, there are endless ways in basic invites to increase the level of creativity in your wedding invitations.

You can customize every detail of your invitation suite, choosing everything from the paper to the stamp printed on it that seals the invitations. You can consider using fun shapes, mixed materials, and hand-painted artwork to create the vibe you want. Do not copy your ancestors style when people used simple typefaces, the same boring colored paper and traditional designs.

Today, wedding invitations come in all colors, shapes and sizes. Well, they also come in fancy custom-made boxes, which incidentally are all the rage right now. There are many options you can choose from to customize your wedding invitations. From the paper, shape, presentation, illustrations and color palette to embellishments, engravings, embossed text, the options are limitless not only for the wedding card but also for the envelope.

And even if you want to keep the design traditional, you can still experiment with letters and edges or paper. Well, the choices are limitless and if you are still not sure what to choose then here is a list of some trending wedding invitation design’s.

And even if you want to keep the design traditional, you can still experiment with letters and edges or paper. Well, the choices are limitless and if you are still not sure what to choose then here is a list of some trending wedding invitation design’s.
  • Vintage designs are available in this website because of people who value the ever-green
designs. You must visit once their vintage collection which is absolutely amazing.
  • Shapes varieties are none less in basic invites. You can choose landscape, or vertical, or any
other available design from basic invites to make your card unique.

  • Minimal type designs are made to delight simple people. You can filter out a minimal theme from basic invites and enjoy there elegant designs after personalizing them with your texts, and photos.

  •  Wooden Material used cards are created for people who do not enjoy simple printable designs.

Wedding Save the Date Cards

Sending save-the-date cards is a great way to let guests know your wedding date in advance so they can plan accordingly. There are some simple mistakes you'll want to avoid when creating wedding reminders. Here is the top mistake listed, we want everyone to think about before starting their designs.

Sending invites too Late:

As a general rule, it's best to send Save the Dates 8 to 12 months before your wedding (send them first for a destination or holiday weekend). Give them enough notice, you may not surprise your attendees by the distances from which family and friends will come to attend! 

The more time your guests have, the more opportunity they have to request time off work, confirm travel plans, save money, and organize.

Not mentioning venue in advance:

Give your invites information they require on your Save the Dates which is your name, wedding date (or dates, if it's a weekend) and location - just the city and state.

Even if you still need to book your venue. Because magnet save the dates will send them the improvisation if you make in your card as well. It should be relatively easy for your guests to save your dates.

To avoid these two errors, basic invites offer the save the date card feature which is reliable and affordable.

Feasible Customization

A custom wedding invitation design is the perfect way to get your guests excited for your big day. This helps you set the right tone and lets your guests know what to expect. One misunderstanding about personalized wedding invitations is that the procedure is drawn out and difficult. The opposite is true, as you can see! By using basic invite strategy, you can start with fantastic discovery to add your wedding’s taste and provide design recommendations to this site.

You can upload your designs and save them in this website to use them later. You can customize every photo placement, edit texts, use metallic foils, wooden materials, transparent or watercolor backgrounds, and what not through this website.

Final Thoughts

I recommend you to visit the official website of basic invites to explore all of their 1000+ designs, and templates with unique theme sets. If I forgot to highlight anything about wedding cards, you can let us know. If you shop from them now, you can enjoy their 15 percent discount offers in your card shopping.

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