Bride Reportedly Slept With Her Ex A Day Before Their Wedding Day


A Ghanaian man dumped his bride on their wedding day for an unknown reason.

This was after the bride was seen crying and throwing herself all over the angry groom in the public.

A video gives a rather sour account of a nonchalant man who had given up on his decision to make the woman his wife.

No amount of consolation was able to place the distraught woman who paced up and down, threw herself on the ground and created a scene.

The groom was visibly supported by his best men who led him away from the scene. The poor bride was left in her gown with dirt splattered all over her, her heart broken.


Exclusive sources claim that the day before their wedding, the groom learned regretfully that his bride had been sleeping with her ex-boyfriend.

On the day of their wedding, he was informed by one of his close friends, who had previously learned of the woman’s escape.

Evidently, the man was unable to contain the message and immediately responded. He made the decision to annul the marriage and cancel the wedding right away.

In the video, the bride is seen begging and crying for her misdeeds.

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