Cristiano Ronaldo Requests Documents Relating To Juventus Investigation


A statement from Juventus’ supervisory board has confirmed that Cristiano Ronaldo requested, via his lawyer, access to documents relating to the ongoing investigation into the club's finances.

The statement addresses the possibility that criminal investigations could have uncovered liabilities regarding outstanding money owed to both Ronaldo, €20m in deferred wages, and Atalanta, €3m.

The supervisory board has now carried out its own checks, recommending action on a ‘series of deficiencies’ and comparing with auditors.

There is confirmation that Atalanta have issued invoices to the tune of €3m. The documents regarding Ronaldo claim him as a creditor of the club due to unpaid wages that are thought to have been deferred during the Covid-19 pandemic.

A statement reads: “No remarks were raised with reference to the potential liability towards Cristiano Ronaldo… the circumstance has no accounting significance.”

It is not thought that Ronaldo has actively requested payment of the money at this time, moreover is seeking to clarify his position regarding the situation.

Given that there appear to be no accounting issues relating to what is owed to Ronaldo, the supervisory board have reported on to the club to ‘invite appropriate reflection’ given the size of what is owed to the five-time Ballon d’Or winner.

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