Don Little Acquires A Brand New Mercedes Benz Worth $40K | WATCH

Diminutive Ghanaian actor Don Little has treated himself to a lavish Christmas gift this year, buying himself a new AMG Mercedes-Benz CLA 250 worth $40,000.

The popular Kumawood star is seen in a video shared online at the rare of the vehicle trying to reach for an item at the far end of the trunk.

As a midget in stature, he struggled to reach it and had to resort to the car’s DV number plate to draw it closer.

A man believed to be Little’s friend filmed the actor and teased him for spending so much money to buy the luxury vehicle but could not reach an item in its trunk.

The footage has triggered mixed reactions online with a section of users shocked at Little’s ability to afford such a luxurious car.

Considering his height, others wondered how he was going to reach for the pedals to drive the vehicle. 

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