Throwback Video Of Basketmouth And His Wife Saying They Can Never Get Divorced


A throwback video of Bright Okpocha, aka Basketmouth, and his wife Elsie Okpocha saying they can never get divorced has resurfaced.


In the video, Basketmouth and his wife are seen playing a game of QnA.


"What can your spouse do for you to divorce him?" Basketmouth asked.


Before his wife could answer, Basketmouth answered for her, saying, "There's nothing. Nothing."


"Am I not supposed to answer the question?" Elsie asks jokingly.


Basketmouth then tells her she knows he's right.


Basketmouth adds: "Thing is, there's no good marriage that ends in divorce. So, we have a good marriage, so there's nothing..."


"Yea, divorce is not on the table," Elsie says, agreeing with her husband.


"Nothing. It's impossible," Basketmouth adds.


"I like this guy too much, that's the thing," Elsie says.


Sadly, Basketmouth announced earlier this month that his marriage to Elsie Okpocha has ended.


Watch the video below.

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