Ghanaian Ladies Exposed For Offering Sex To Pay For Uber And Bolt

Drivers of the various hailing services including Bolt, UBer, Yango etc have expressed severe worry over the current trend of ladies forcefully offering them sex in exchange as a form of payment.

A story from TV3 Ghana details this new phenomenon that has been named ‘cltiocoin‘.

According to the station’s investigations, a huge number of ladies most especially university students without money deliberately order rides and after they get to their destination they refuse to pay and offer sex payment.

Several drivers contacted by the station verified the occurrence but claimed they reject these offers due to the necessity for the money to pay for fuel and other factors.

Meanwhile, some of these notorious and shameless ladies forcefully kiss the drivers to get them in the mood when they refuse their sexual advances.

When you consider that ride-sharing rates aren’t all that pricey, it’s amazing how inexpensive these “slay queens” are.

Below is a confession from an Uber driver who has had met with one of these clitocoin ladies while working

“I picked one [and] when we got to her destination, and she was supposed to pay for the ride, she told me she doesn’t have money and, so, what she can do is I should just have sex with her for payment….But I refused,”

“Normally, some would sit in front of you and try dressing up. I have even experienced one in which the person – the lady – had to change her whole clothes on me and she asked me whether I am interested and I told her I am married.”

“She was a very beautiful girl – it happened around Legon. To my surprise, this girl just held my head, kissed me, then she removed my car key from the knob. She said I should have sex with her,”

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