Greta Thurnberg Throws Shade At Andrew Tate After He Was Arrested For Alleged Human Trafficking Thanks To Pizza Box He Used To Insult Her


Climate Change activist, Greta Thurnberg is having the last laugh after Andrew Tate was arrested in human trafficking investigation in Romania thanks to Pizza boxes he used when throwing shade at her.


It all began when Andrew shared a photo of him fuelling one of his cars and then tagged Greta to his post while telling her that he has 33 carbon-dioxide-emitting cars. 


He also rubbished Greta's Climate Change activism and asked for her email address so he can tell her more about his cars.


Greta responded to his request for her email address by throwing shade back at him.


She wrote: "Email me at"


To hit back at Greta, Andrew Tate released a video of him asking for a Pizza that comes in a non-recyclable box. This was aimed at rubbishing efforts by climate change activists like Greta to promote recycling.

The Pizza box allowed Romanian authorities to confirm that Tate was in the country and they arrested him and his brother in their human trafficking investigation. 


Reacting to his arrest, Greta wrote: "This is what happens when you don't recycle your pizza boxes."

Below is the video Tate did to respond to Greta which then led to his arrest.

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