Habiba Sinare Reacts After Reportedly Saying “Marriage With Northern Men Is Horrible”


The actress Habiba Sinare has somewhat apologized for describing men from the northern part of Ghana as horrible and unfit for marriage.

In a viral video, the former wife of Black Stars player Abdul Majeed Waris stated that she regretted marrying a Northern man because they “are irresponsible.”

In the recently discovered video, Habiba Sinare describes her interactions with her ex-husband.

She described how her father-in-law’s restrictions on her mobility and other inappropriate behavior from him and his family deteriorated her mental health and led her into depression.

After backlash from netizens, Habiba Sinare in a Facebook post has said she felt gutted by the notion she was been bashed for discouraging women from entertaining Northern suitors.

” I have become aware of the reactions to some portions of an interview I granted and wish to state the following;

1. That interview was granted a long time ago… In that same video, I have spoken highly of my ex-husband and his brother. I guess you know they are Northerners. Why is that portion not trending? Maybe, it’s because a bad story sells and sells faster.”

“My son is and will remain a Dagomba and, for that matter, a northerner. Why will I innately hate the same, and for what?… My fierce critic, I will invite you to come and join me with the construction of my maternity centre in Salaga, Savannah Region. The least of my interventions in the north is endless but also on the quiet. All in the service of humanity. I regret I am making them public. You cannot be a northerner more than me.”

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