I'm Not Pregnant : Vera Sidika Dismisses Pregnancy Rumours


Socialite and entrepreneur, Vera Sidika, has denied claims that she is pregnant with her second child.

The mother of one had a Q and A session with her Instagram fans.

Among the questions she responded was about the ongoing pregnancy rumour.

Vera shared a screenshot from a blog post that had used photos from her first pregnancy claiming that she was expecting another child.

“Surely, why would anyone believe this? This was last year when I was pregnant with Asia, and I did a whole video reveal in this outfit. Aki people can really spread rumours,” she said.

In the Q and A session, Vera also bragged about being the most mentioned celebrity in various songs, especially in Tanzania.

She said it is a good feeling that she’s still relevant despite being famous for 10 years.

She added that her popularity coincidentally came on the exact date of her birthday and her parent’s anniversary.

“By the way, I’m the most mentioned Kenyan celeb in songs. By the way, been famous for 10 years now. Actually, on 17th Dec, I’m celebrating 10 years of fame. Wow!!! This is also my parent’s wedding anniversary. It’s like I was conceived on 17th Dec 1988 and fame came on that exact date. Just different years.”

Another fan sought to know what she was doing about her weight gain.

Vera said she is working on it explaining that the weight came when she got her baby.

“Your body is never the same 100%. It takes a bit of time.”

Vera had revealed plans to expand her family early this year.

The mother of one had said she was more than eager to grow her family by having more kids running around her house.

At the time, she said that she and hubby Mauzo were having baby fever and they wished to get a second baby.

Vera Sidika has also revealed plans to take her one-year-old daughter Asia to school in January 2023.

“Asia starts school in January. She’ll be so excited aki. She loves kids,” she said.

Vera added her daughter’s face lights up being around other kids which brings joy to her life.

“Even though all they’ll do is play all day, that’s good enough for her development.”

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