Lady Hides Her Face From The Camera While Riding With Meek Mill In Accra


Meek Mill, an American rapper, is currently in Ghana, specifically Accra, ahead of his Afro Nation performance.

As is customary, the award-winning rapper, who enjoys riding motorcycles, is currently touring Accra's major streets with some stuntmen.

A viral video that has gone viral has captured the moment a beautiful young lady was seen desperately jumping on Meek Mill's bike with full force at the start of the short tour.

Throughout the video, the lady kept her face hidden from the cameras, no matter how hard the recorders tried.

Many social media users have concluded that the lady's awkward behavior while sitting on the biker with Meek Mill indicates that she is most likely in a serious relationship, which is why she was hiding her face.

I couldn't agree with them more, because why would someone purposefully refuse to show her face if she truly has nothing to hide?

View the video below.

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