Lionel Messi Wore Lucky Red Ribbon On His Left Foot During World Cup Final Victory Over France | PHOTOS


Argentine football star, Lionel Messi wore a lucky red ribbon on his left foot during the World Cup final which his country won by defeating France 4-2 on penalties. 


During the 2018 World Cup, Messi was handed an amulet by Argentine journalist Rama Pantarotto in the mixed zone after the Barcelona legend missed a penalty against Iceland. It belonged to the reporter's mother.


"My mum loves you more than she loves me, I carry her red ribbon for good luck," he told Messi.. If you want it, I can give it to you.”

While Panaretto assumed that Messi will throw the red ribbon away, much to his delight, Messi showed him that he was wearing it around his left ankle after scoring against Nigeria in the final group stage game.

Messi who reportedly likes the idea of the lucky charm has continued to wear it both in his free time and in his biggest games. It was on his ankle in the dressing room after being crowned a world champion and is a ''symbol of his success.''

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