Netizens Blast Mum For Wearing Her Daughter Eyelashes, Adult Braids And Nails For Her Graduation


Most modern mothers and fathers have poor parenting skills reason a lot of children have no manners.

These generating Z parents tolerate nonsense from their kids just to appear woke.

A disturbing video making rounds on social media shows a little girl dressed like a big-time slay queen for her graduation ceremony.

In the video, the little girl was rocking eyelashes, adult braids and coloured nails. This is all shades of wrong and the parents must be cautioned.

The little girl can be seen as very tired carrying the burden (Braids) on her head and well as eyelashes.

Social media users who have come across the video have chided the parents of the girl for their irresponsible behaviour fuel for by clout chasing.

Watch below.

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