Nkonkonsa In Trouble For Trying To Video Adu Safowaa’s Private Part | WATCH


Blogger Eugene Osafo-Nkansah aka Nkonkonsa has incurred the wrath of netizens following his decision to record a video of actress and businesswoman Adu Safowaa at a recent event.

Adu Safowaa happened to be one of the people who turned up for the RTP awards and wore a high-cut dress exposing most of her thighs and more to the camera kind courtesy of Nkonkonsa’s camera.

While the actress was sitting and enjoying herself, the blogger went around her to take videos of her and got a close view of her thighs which were already on full display because of her dress.

From the video, the blogger lowered the camera and got more view of her flesh but Adu Safowaa noticed that Nkonkonsa might be looking for something more.

Sensing the danger of getting her private part exposed, Adu Safowaa got up and started to dance to the song being played in the auditorium.

Watch the video below:

Check out some comments from fans below:

Cecil4christ: “Sarfoa is smart. She noticed it that’s why she stood up”

Nuella_naah: “That man is very unprofessional!”

Urprettypee: “He is soo uncough…such silly act..will he do that to his wife…mmaa sen saa”

Amankwaat: “Exactly my thoughts when I saw this video yesterday”

Yaa_korankyewah: “It’s good she stood up nanka Yawa ??I saw some hair bi is it that she wasn’t really anything”

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