Piers Morgan's Twitter Account 'Hacked' With X-Rated Tweets About The Queen And Ed Sheeran

Fans of Piers Morgan were left shocked and stunned in the early hours to Tuesday when he seemingly began sending out abusive messages via Twitter.

Followers of the 57-year-old’s social media account were left gobsmacked when he sent out tweets including slurs against the late Queen Elizabeth II and pop star Ed Sheeran.

However it quickly became apparent that the star’s Twitter account had been hacked and taken over seemingly by a group identifying themselves as the ‘chuckling squad’.

Piers’s account name was changed a number of times - including being changed to ‘lol’ and also ‘Michael’ - while more colourful language was also used to rename his account.

One tweet that was sent out caused shock when it simply stated: “f*** the queen.”

And another branded pop singer Ed Sheehan a ‘ginger p***k" - and later upped the stakes by branding the singer a "ginger f***er".

Fans and followers quickly reacted to the rude remarks - with many petitioning Twitter to highlight that Piers’s account had clearly been hacked.

However, some appealed to the hackers, asking them to access Piers’s Direct Messages to uncover the communications he had in the past with Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.

One fan questioned if the DM’s could finally unveil exactly why Piers has such contempt for the American actress.

One follower tweeted: “I Want to see why Piers hate Megan Markle so much. Go to Megan’s DMs” along with crying-with-laughter emojis.

As the hack continued, some fans interacted with the account - with one demanding the apparent hackers leak Piers's DMs.

However, they hackers responded to claim there was "nothing interesting" within the private messages.

Further stars were also targeted during the melee of messages - with the apparent hackers sending a public message to former Prime Minister Boris Johnson demanding he get a haircut and branding him an 'ugly bum'.

After approximately an hour of chaos, it appeared that Twitter bosses took control of the situation as most of the offensive tweets were suddenly wiped from the account.

Tweets that had been sent were replaced with a message stating: "This Tweet is unavailable."

The bio of Piers's account was also wiped - while images that had been in his profile and banner were also removed, seemingly bringing an end to the apparent hackers' chaotic run.

The Twitter online help desk offers advice to users who fear their account has been hacked.

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