Wife ‘Stylishly’ Gives Hubby Money To Pay For Restaurant Bills To Avoid Embarrassment

A lovely video that has gone viral on the internet and received massive applause from social media users captures the moment a smart wife saved her husband from an impending embarrassment.

In this fast-trending video, the couple could be seen sitting and chatting with friends when the bill was presented to the man who supposedly had less cash to pay for the food and drinks.

The man who was contemplating how to save the situation to prevent embarrassment was saved by his wife who stylishly dipped her hands into her bag and handed over some cash to the sweating hubby.

Immediately the man received the cash from his wife, he appeared relieved and happy once again because he couldn’t imagine how he was going to be disgraced for allowing his entourage to order more than he could pay for.

Watch the video below.

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