Bride Heavily Smokes On Her Wedding Day

As we all know, wedding days are very special in the lives of both the bride and groom plus their family.

The two parties involved try to look their best on D-Day. Brides, particularly, are more stressed to look the best and very anxious about their bridal trousseau and how their final look will be.

A trending video of an Indian wedding which has captured the attention of social media users captures the moment a beautifuil bride smoked an e-cigarette before leaving the rom to meet her groom and his family.

As seen in the video, the bride looked uneasy while sitting on a bed with her hand covering the face while her friends and family members enter the room asking to show them her final bridal look.

Towards the end of the video, the bride can be seen chilling with her squad. She is also seen smoking an e-cigarette with swag with her buddies.

Social media users who hav come across the lovely video have chided the bride for smoking an e-cigarrte before going o meet her groom.

According to these critics, the bride’s decsion to smoke an e-cigarrette on her wedding day sends a wrong signal to the world and it subtly means that she isn’t a home keeper.

Watch the video below:

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