Bridesmaid Later Marries Her Best Friend’s Husband


What a pity & heartache indeed. This is why they say your ENEMY is among your circle of friends so be careful.

Who would have ever thought that a best friend would have stabbed her friend in the back with such a sharp sword?

Photos that are going viral on social media with a shocking commentary attached to them reveal how a lady who served as a bridesmaid for her best friend in 2019 is now the new bride of the same man.

According to sources, the new wife was even the wedding planner for her best friend but she had her own intentions to have the man for herself all along the way.

Just 4 years into the marriage, the man seeks divorce and to everyone’s surprise, he married his ex-wife’s best friend who was even considered a family member because of how close they were.

I’m convinced that even before the divorce, the man was secretly sleeping with the lady – Ans she might even be the one who pressured him to divorce her best friend and marry her instead because she was tired of playing the game from behind.

This is a lesson to all the women out there who excessively involve their friends in their marriage.

There must be a strong barrier between your hubby and your friends to avoid matters that touch the heart in the future.

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