DJs, The Chainsmokers Reveal They've Had Threesomes Together In The Past


The Chainsmokers, an American electronic DJ and production duo consisting of Alexander "Alex" Pall and Andrew "Drew" Taggart have disclosed that they've had threesomes together in the past.


Opening up on their sex life during an appearance on Wednesday's episode of the Call Her Daddy podcast, the dance-pop duo revealed they've had threesomes together on more than one occasion.


37-year-old Pall who laughed during the confession, added that "It's been a long time." He also said; 


"It was also the days when we used to have to share hotel rooms. In Europe, they have the two beds, they don't even split them apart … so it's almost by force that we were forced into these scenarios.

"I think we were like, 'What the f--- just happened?' 

"Because they were never planned. It's weird. I'm not gonna lie."


The duo also confessed to hooking up with fans during their early days in their career with Taggart, 33, telling the podcast host, "I don't think we've ever hooked up with a diehard fan: no one wearing merch or anything."


He said; 


"It was, like, 'Oh my God, I've been getting spied on for seven months by this f---ing pet camera.

"I got up close to it, and she had blacked out the recording light with a marker and then covered it with an additional piece of electric tape perfectly cut out."


Pall eventually broke up with her after having many fights, admitting, "It was just the most unhealthy … I [felt like I was] losing my mind."


He said; 


"My mom hated her, my sister hated her, everyone didn't like her at this point. At this point, I was, like, 'I think I should probably call this soon' … but I'm such an optimist, it's hard for me to pull this rug out."


The Chainsmokers concluded their 2022 tour last month that took place across North America and Europe, promoting their fourth studio album, So Far So Good.

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