Here’s What You Need To Know Before Donating Your Sperm For GH¢2,500 : Doctor Reveals

You may have heard the craze about the rewarding sperm donation process in fertility centers in Ghana that has got many young unemployed youths in a topsy-turvy.

A Ghanaian young man brought attention to the relatively high-paying process after he revealed in a special feature by TV3 that he makes GH¢2,500 every week when he donates sperm.

Following this, a number of youths have been scouring for fertility centers where the doors to their financial freedom can be unlocked.

A Ghanaian health educator and researcher identified as Dr Paul Adu subsequently took to Twitter to share a list of fertility hospitals to save many the headache.

But before you think of going on this adventurous journey of giving out your semen, it is important to understand the concept of sperm donation and make a decision.

You may have to be aware of the requirement as well before going for it.

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