Jennifer Lopez Says PTSD From Failed Engagement To Ben Affleck Led To Their Vegas Wedding Ceremony


Jennifer Lopez has explained why she and her husband, Ben Affleck decided to have a surprise wedding in Vegas.


The singer/actress who appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" on Wednesday, January 18, to talk the "the best night of our lives", revealed that she suffered PTSD from their failed engagement 20 years back when planning their 2022 wedding.


Lopez said;


"We were so happy, but I just felt the wedding was so stressful and one day Ben just said, 'f*** it, let's just go to Vegas and get married tonight.'"


The couple who first got engaged in 2002, but called it quits in 2004, tied the knot in Vegas last July with a super intimate ceremony with just them and their kids.


That wasn't the end of their celebrations as they had another spectacular wedding ceremony including family and friends a month later at Ben's $8 million home in Georgia.

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