Man Kills Wife After His First Attempt To Poison Her To Death Failed

News from Koforidua in the Eastern Region has it that a man has killed his wife over a minor marital misunderstanding.

According to the report, the suspect Abeiku had attempted to poison his wife’s food which failed after the woman found out and refused to touch the food.

As the days went by, their misunderstanding escalated with the man threatening to end her life. These threats were treated casually by the woman who thought her husband meant no harm.

Starr FM added that the woman moved to live with her mother in the Begoro area of the same region after the couple’s marriage, which included two children, fell apart for a year.

However, she came back after the situation had largely been addressed.

The deceased’s remains have now been transported by police to a mortuary, pending more investigation.

A manhunt is currently underway in Accra for the suspected commercial driver who travels between Koforidua and Kasoa.

The victim’s uncle, Wofa Kwasi, said that he intervened when the couple’s disagreement grew worse in the days leading up to Christmas.

“The suspect and the now-deceased wife came to me with some sort of misunderstanding, and I listened to both of them.” The wife claimed that her husband had been threatening to kill him and then kill himself.”

“I was upset and decided to let them be apart for a year in order to settle the issue and bring about harmony, but the woman left for her mother’s house for Christmas. I waited for them to come back so that I could make a decision, only to learn that the woman came back yesterday and was killed this morning.”

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