Man Marries Two Women On The Same Day | PHOTOS

 It seems polygamy is gradually getting recognition once again after Christianity almost wiped it out from the African system of marriage centuries ago.

A Nigerian man named Nkanu, has fast become an internet sensation after he tied the nuptial knot with two women on the same day in Cross River state – Nigeria

Nkanu married Mary and Jennet on the same day in Bazohure community, in the Abi Local Government Area of Cross River state.

According to reports, the viral wedding ceremony was held on Saturday at Bazohure Playground.

Pictures of the brides and groom have fast taken over social media trends and received alot of likes as well as comments in the process.

According to some of the people who have commented under the trending pictures, polygamy isn’t bad but the man should have married both women on different days as a sign of respect to their families.

They claim it’s utmost disrespect and can only be accepted by someone who’s desperate.

And even if it’s ‘escortion’, the mere fact that the man refused to wed them separately shows that he’s not financially and psychologically buoyant to have two women in his life.

Take a look at the pictures below:

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