Sarkodie Slammed For Resuming His Cigar-Smoking Habit In 2023

Rapper Sarkodie has come under heavy fire for rekindling his newly found cigar-smoking habit just a few days into the new year.

In 2022, Sarkodie received an avalanche of criticism when he first began brandishing rolls of tobacco as well as smoking in his social media posts.

He also made a huge statement with the new brand identity when he released his ‘No Pressure’ album with one song he titled “Rollies and Cigars”.

This triggered his mum to express strong disapproval of his smoking habit even though Sakordie views cigars as a status of class.

He however admitted smoking could be detrimental and would consider cutting it down.

Appallingly, Sarkodie’s first few posts on social media in 2013 captures the rapper with a bunch of cigars in his hands sending the signal that he has snubbed his mum’s advice.

The pictures have elicited a slew of reactions from his fans, many of whom have slammed Sarkodie for turning into a habitual smoker.

Others told him to emulate Ghanaian-American actor and comedian Michael Blackson, who recently commissioned an ultra-modern school facility at Agona Nsaba in Ghana.

Check out some of the comments below

martinsgramm said: “Bossu issokay, you take the cigar too personal….don’t force it Onukpa na you start no keep”

buggyaaron_._ said: That thing you dey show of ciggas for ur post inside u for shun , not everyone on social media is an adult, many to dey learn from you so wossop?

blvk.koren said: What are you trying to promote here?

istarveywavey said: Meanwhile your mate is building well-equipped schools for the needy to have a better education obidi.

kwakuagenda said: No be you talk sey cigar no w’apaki. Eiiii Obidi

akua_verona said: Who would have thought that sarkodie will end up a smoker ???? This life

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