World’s Oldest Known Person Dies At Age 118


Lucile Randon, a French nun who was the oldest known person on Earth, died at age 118, French media outlets Tuesday, following a long life that began before the first World War and that Randon credited to a daily glass of wine.

That’s at what age the oldest known person to ever live, Jeanne Louise Calment, died in 1997 according to Guinness. Like Randon, Calment was French and said wine was her secret to long life, along with olive oil and chocolate.

"It's not nice being old, because I used to like taking care of others, making children dance, and now I can't do that any more,” Randon told reporters at her 118th birthday last year.

Randon was born in Arles, France, on February 11, 1904, a full decade before the beginning of World War I. She told reporters last year that her favorite memories were of when her two brothers returned home from the war. Born into a non-practicing Protestant family, Randon converted to Catholicism at age 19 and worked at a hospital for nearly three decades caring for children and the elderly. She became a nun at age 45 in 1944 when she joined The Daughters of Charity, and took the name Sister André to honor her late brother. She only stopped working at age 108, Randon told reporters last year.

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