Bankers Flee Angry Customer By Jumping Bank Wall


A video that captures the moment bankers from an unnamed Nigerian bank scaled a fence to flee from disgruntled customers has gone viral.

This comes in the midst of a cash scarcity crisis that has plagued the country since the redesign of the naira notes.

It is no news that Nigerians have been experiencing cash shortage as the Central Bank of Nigeria pushes to replace old naira notes with newly designed currency notes.

This has left many stranded and some have been forced to pay a 10% fee to withdraw money from POS service points in some parts of the country.

Several videos of bank customers causing a scene in banking halls as they demand for their money have also gone viral on the internet.

Amid the chaos caused by the cash-strapped economy, some bankers were filmed scaling a fence to run away from angry customers.

The bank officials were seen climbing a barb wired fence to escape from the bank premises in the trending video, which was allegedly filmed in Delta state.

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