Black Sherif Joins The Illuminati | PHOTOS

The Illuminati which means the enlightened ones is an alleged demonic group said to promote sinister agendas through music and many other entertainment channels.

It’s believed that members of this secret society are very rich, famous and influential.

According to rumours, members of this cult, worship a demon called Baphomet, one of the most powerful demons on planet Earth.

The demon Baphomet is also known as the demon of entertainment. Members of the Illuminati allegedly exchange their souls or the souls of loved ones as a sacrifice for fame, riches and power.

Let’s also note that the Illuminati goes further than entertainment, it even has influence in politics, it’s simply an initiative for World dominance.

Budding Ghanaian musicians whose name transcends Africa and beyond, Black Sherif has been accused of joining the infamous secret society after flaunting his new Baphomet tattoo.

Sharing a couple of thug-like pictures on his social media pages, Black Sherif intentionally positioned his arms for the camera to get a clear view of his Baphomet tattoo.

Social media users who have come across these photos which subtly confirm the earlier reports that a higher power backs his unprecedented short-term success in the music industry have expressed their gross disappointment in him.

According to these people who are mostly Christians, Black Sherif should repent for the kingdom of God is at hand else he will perish in the lake of fire (Hell).

Below is a picture of both Baphomet and Black Sherif’s new tattoo believed to be the powerful underworld God whose head is like that of a goat.

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