Rihanna Celebrates 35th Birthday With Partner Asap Rocky And Friends

On Monday, February 20, 2023, Barbadian singer, Rihanna, celebrates her 35th Birthday with her partner, ASAP Rocky.

Rihanna, the pop star, marked her 35th birthday celebration with friends and family by organizing a small party that brought certain personalities to mark the befitting occasion with ASAP ROCKY an important figure present.

Besides ASAP ROCKY, Rihanna welcomed other family and friends to the occasion noticeably Melissa Forde and her brother Forrey Fenty, according to TMZ.COM

TMZ.COM said Rihanna was led to a celebration by Partner ASAP ROCKY on the Monday Night birthday party.

According to images available to TMZ.COM from Rihanna’s birthday celebration, the party took place at her favorite spot Santa Monica Spot. TMZ.COM spotted ASAP ROCKY as one of the attendees at the private ceremony who played a massive role in the celebration.

Rihanna reportedly announced at the ceremony she is expecting a new member of her family ASAP ROCKY, who together welcomed a baby boy less than a year ago.

Rihanna became a topic on the lips of many after her illustrious and iconic performance at the Super Bowl. Not only that, the pop singer grabbed headlines with her protruding baby bump posture that signaled that she was expecting a new baby.

In an interview with British Vogue last week, Rihanna hinted about releasing a new Album in 2023. She noted it would be ridiculous if she does this year and that she wants to have fun. Rihanna disclosed she wants to make music and videos this year.

Rihanna’s last Album released was dated back 2016 known as Anti, but the singer has been recording music for years. She says she isn’t going to stop recording and releasing songs after her perfect Album in 2016. Rihanna admitted having many ideas but she can’t disclose them in public.

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