SHS 2 Male Student Impregnates His Female Teacher


An ICT female teacher has taken to the internet to confess how she mysteriously fell in love with one of her students while doing her National service at one of the big Senior High Schools in the country.

According to this woman who anonymously confessed to Kofi Noel, she never imagined having sex with the minor but it just happened after a series of visitations.

It all started on his first visit to his place where they had a brief chat and the boy left her place to his home.

On his second visit, they went the extra mile by discussing relationships which led to their first sex.

She admired the minor’s big manhood which made her enjoy te bouts of sex that fateful day.

After their first sexual encounter, she sternly warned the boy never to tell anyone and additionally banned him from visiting her house.

After the stern warning, the boy looked sad hence she had to rescind her decision, they kept having sex and now she’s pregnant.

She’s now in a state of dilemma because she wants to terminate the pregnancy but the student has strongly warned her not to touch the pregnancy because he wants the baby.

Read the screenshots below :

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