Wema Sepetu Reveals Why She Broke Up With Diamond Platnumz

In a recent interview with Haji Sunday Manara on his YouTube channel, Wema Sepetu, the former Miss Tanzania, revealed the real reason for her highly publicized breakup with Bongo Flava star Diamond Platnumz.

Wema revealed that Diamond’s infidelity was the actual reason behind their separation.

This was in contrast to previous speculations that Wema’s inability to conceive was the cause of their separation.

Wema candidly spoke about constantly being in the limelight and how their relationship was always under public scrutiny.

She revealed how she grew tired of constantly dealing with Diamond’s unfaithfulness and how she had tried to address the issues head-on.

“I had reached my limit. I tackled the problems that needed to be addressed, but eventually, I decided to end my relationship with Diamond. I even refused to accept his gift of a car in front of others because I could no longer bear his repeated acts of betrayal,” Wema shared.

This is the first time that Wema has opened up about her breakup with Diamond, finally shedding light on the true reason behind their split.

Diamond and Wema had a profound love for each other, exemplified by their participation in a blood covenant as a symbol of their commitment.

Their affection was even immortalized in a song titled “Nawaza,” dedicated by Diamond to Wema.

Nevertheless, their relationship took a significant turn when Diamond became involved with Zari Hassan, resulting in her pregnancy.

It was after that, when Wema ended the relationship.

History repeated itself as Diamond continued his pattern of infidelity, cheating on Zari with Hamisa Mobetto and fathering a child with her too.

Zari ultimately decided to terminate her relationship with Diamond due to his unfaithfulness.

Diamond also ended up having another child with Kenyan singer Tanasha who also dumped the bongo heartthrob over infidelity claims.

Wema Sepetu has been dating rapper Whozu since 2021.

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