Black Sherif’s Arrest At Kotoka International Airport Yesterday, July 19; Here’s What We Know So Far


- A cruise ship music event had expressed interest in booking Black Sherif.

- The cruise company filed a complaint with the Ghana Police Service, alleging a breach of agreement with the singer’s agency.

- An initial deposit of $20,000 was made, but the contract did not include a requirement for promotional videos for a press launch.

- The cruise organizer demanded the videos, threatening contract cancellation if not provided, leading to a refund of the initial deposit by the singer’s agents.

- The complainant insisted on being reimbursed $50,000 instead of the initial $20,000, leading to further disputes and threats.

- Black Sherif was stopped at the airport upon his return from a successful European tour to assist in the investigation.

- The issue appears to be a disagreement between the cruise organizers and the talent agency, rather than the artist’s commitment to the event.

- Lawyers for Black Sherif are working to find an amicable resolution to the situation.

- Calls have been made to Blacko’s team for a comment; they’re yet to respond.

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