Moesha Boduong Exposes Her Bare B00b In New Video

Moesha Boduong,  a Ghanian actress who went viral when she admitted in a CNN interview with Christine Amanpour that she dates married men for money, has gone back to her old ways after giving her life to Christ. 

Moesha had a crisis in 2021 that made her go viral. 

At the time, it was alleged that she "ran mad" and videos of her covered in dirt while talking about men taking "our glory" after sleeping with women went viral. 

Many later said she had mental health issues and Ghanaian star Afia Schwarzenegger said Moesha was diagnosed with psychosis. 

After she recovered, Moesha gave her life to Christ. She referred to her former life as "worldly" and "vanity" and was filmed in Church tearfully dedicating her life to Christ. 

Now, she's back posting raunchy content. 

In a video shared on Instagram, she exposed one of her breasts and even went as far as showing her areola. 

The video showed her dancing in a car, while pulling down her shirt to expose the pigmented skin around her nipple. 

In the caption, she wrote, “Sext in an Uber.”

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