AMBtrends Collection Gains Major Recognition From Ghanaians After Change In Logo

AMBtrends, Ghanaian-international fashion brand, is well known among Ghanaians for its distinct fashion sense. 

The fashion collection, which recently altered its emblem from three heads to a serpent, has emerged as the industry's new fashion force. 

AMBtrends has chosen certain colors for its Clothing Line —- The Be Wise Collection comes in the official brand colors of Deep Pink, Deep Gray, and Deep Black.

The Company's purpose with this collection is to increase awareness among young people about the value of wisdom, because the universe discloses its secrets to those who are wise. 

This is one method they are using to teach the youth the value of information so that they can begin polishing their minds by learning to be knowledgeable every day, because the wise make a difference in the world hence the brand’s main motive is to inspire, motivate and entertain the world.

AMBtrends organized its exhibition by introducing its new merchandise 'BeWise,' which included their previous merchandise 'Seven Even,' in the month of November at the St. John Paul II Youth Celebration Business Fair, where the crowd enthusiastically embraced and endorsed the brand and its newly introduced logo. 

As Ghanaians embraced their new introduction ahead of their newest Magazine, a new 'BeWise' Collection was presented, which contained a special Red And White merchandise for the Christmas and New Year. 

The multinational brand will reveal its official magazine issue in 2024, as well as the introduction of a brand ambassador.

AMBtrends' logo Joshua Amelli Agbenu, the creator and CEO of AMBtrends, created the Serpent. But why the serpent?

The entire notion is that the snake will go to numerous places on and off the planet, and the same is true for our brand. "The snake will go a long way."

People will like the brand for no apparent reason; some will like it for its enigmatic logo, while others would say, "You can't ignore them because they are just everywhere at any time."

They also adopted some of the serpent's positive characteristics and used them as the Brand's guiding principles. 

These characteristics are as follows:

- Clever (wise and smart on choices)

- Adaptation (Ready to fit into every environment)

- Popular (Everywhere in different forms)

- Art (Coils and forms great Art works)

- Mystery (Hated but Necessary

- Dangerous (be their friend not the other way round) 

- Persuasive (ability to get what they want at all cost)

About AMB

AMB is an abbreviation for AMellionBoiz, a high school clique of three boys (Amelli, Kojo Williams, and Chance) on November 23, 2015.

They committed to work together to develop something bigger than ourselves while attending Chemu Senior High School in Tema in 2016.

They grew to seven strong members (Alo Benito, Syfa, Geomet, and Taaget) and began completing projects. Projects they completed included identifying problems in the school and devising solutions to those problems.

About AMBtrends 

AMBtrends is a global organization whose mission is to inspire, motivate, and entertain people to appreciate the world around them.

Growing up as a male youth, they discovered that most of their peers do not view things from his perspective and are misinterpreting simple instructions, despite the fact that the guidelines for these things they are misinterpreting have been properly provided. Most of his buddies were falling into poor habits, such as not turning up excited, uninterested, or not showing up at all.

Others who stopped coming around, joined other pals, and began BAD HABITS such as smoking and running shady errands for quick money, to name a few.

These behaviors will never lead them to the better future that they all require, as history has shown that most young who exhibit such habits end up becoming the troublemakers in the community; he recognized this and wanted to find a solution as the problem among the youth is rapidly rising.

They formed a brilliant alliance of three and created AMBtrends; a platform that can educate, inspire, and motivate the youth while also keeping them entertained - because the kids are primarily drawn to entertainment.

They incorporated the entertainment to entice them from one side while also showing them that there is more to life than their early habits. They do this subconsciously and wait for the results, which came as soon as magic in the first trial.

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