Kanye West Buys His Wife Bianca Censori A New Porsche


Kanye West has been accused of trying to make his ex-wife Kim Kardashian jealous by buying Bianca Censori a new Porsche.

The rapper and his new wife were seen at a car dealership in Los Angeles on Wednesday and Bianca was seen smiling widely as she got behind the wheel of the shiny new vehicle to test it out. While signing the contract in the saleswoman's office, Bianca, 29, sat on Kanye's lap.

She wore yet another barely-there outfit for the trip, going braless as she opted for a skintight sheer top and a pair of tan-coloured short shorts. The model went for a basic make-up look, wearing pale blue eyeshadow and pink lipstick.

But as the pair were filmed at the car dealership, some fans speculated that Kanye, also known as Ye, might be trying to make his ex Kim jealous. In a forum discussion on Reddit, someone wrote: "Is he trying to make Kim jealous again or sth?"

Many claimed the videos and photos appeared staged as someone wrote: "Okay am I crazy at the end it really looks like she looks back, sees the camera, and then goes to lean into him further/put her arm around him." One Reddit user replied: "Ye and Bi knows what's going on..."

Someone seemed confused as to why Kanye would buy Bianca a new car. One person pointed out: "He could've bought her some clothes and she'd probably be happy. What's the point of buying her a car when she's never out of his sight? She's not gonna go anywhere without him. Shrug. So weird."

One person replied: "That's what I said. Will she be allowed to drive it? Maybe we will start to see Bianca outside without him?" After buying the Porsche, the couple were pictured heading to popular American restaurant The Cheesecake Factory.

This was the second time Ye has taken his wife to the popular eatery this week, previously heading for a bite to eat on Monday at The Grove shopping mall after Kanye pulled Bianca's leggings down in front of photographers, leaving her butt cheeks on show.

Earlier this month, relationship expert Louella Alderson said Kanye might become jealous of Kim's new boyfriend Odell Beckham Jr. The new couple are believed to have gone "exclusive" and were recently seen enjoying a date night in Las Vegas. While love is in the air for Kim and Odell, Ms Alderson believes Kanye might "make negative comments about their relationship" if he hasn't fully moved on from Kim.

The rapper seems happy after he tied the knot with Bianca Censori, but he does have a history of hitting out at Kim's boyfriends. When she dated Pete Davidson, Kanye bullied the comedian online and left him in need of trauma therapy. Ms Alderson said Kanye's outbursts are "red flags" for his new wife.

Speaking to The Mirror, Louella explained: "Kanye is unpredictable and has a history of lashing out in public, especially when it comes to Kim Kardashian. It's possible that he may still hold some form of resentment or even jealousy towards Kim moving on.

"In this case, he may potentially make negative comments about Odell or their relationship. If so, this would be a red flag for his own relationship with Bianca, as it could show he is not fully over Kim and still holds onto strong emotions towards her, even if it's in a negative way."

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