Afronita Entered BGT With Abigail’s Slot : More Secrets Drop As The Families Of Both Dancers Fight Dirty


According to trending reports, Afronita and her mother have subjected Abigail and her mum to severe bullying.

It has also been alleged that Afronita is stranded in the UK because she doesn’t have the financial means to book a flight back to Ghana.

Amidst the ongoing fight plus accusations, Abigail’s aunt who’s currently based in the US has also joined the fight and according to her, there’s more going on behind the scenes than what’s trending on social media.

In a chat with IG blogger Tutugyagu, she alleged that Afronita entered Britain’s Got Talent on Abigail’s slot.

She further asserted that Afronita and her mother have taken Abigail’s mother’s courtesy as her weakness.

As suggested by Abigail’s aunty, Afronita and her mum should acknowledge the fact that she was able to get on the BGT stage because of Abigail.

Abigail’s aunty also clarified that they are not poor as perceived by Afronita and her ‘gangalia’ mother.

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