Car Rental & Fleet Management Company ‘LEASAFRIC’ Abusing Rights Of Employees


Over the years, Leasafric, a car rental and fleet management company, has provided excellent service to Ghanaians. 

Known as a leading provider of luxurious cars and vehicles for various occasions throughout the country. 

Employees in the company are unhappy with the way they are treated, and they are currently abusing their rights and freedoms.

Inappropriate actions by fuel attendants taking videos of various Leasafric employees, while phones are not permitted to be used at fuel stations, endangering the lives of customers and other Ghanaians.

Although there are safety precautions in place at fuel stations, such as no phone use, it is unclear why attendants will only record videos of Leasafric employees.

People at Leasafric are paid only 1001GHC per month, which is then taxed at approximately 20%, leaving them with only 850.99GHC.

Aside from these taxes, the company does not provide a location for cars to be washed, but they do require their employees to take their vehicles to the washing bay, where they spend approximately 30GHC per day.

The company does not care about their employees' well-being; they are always expected to work 12 hours a day for peanuts and intend to take videos at fuel stations, infringing on their freedom as Ghanaian citizens.

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