Legendary African China, Comedian Madiba Spotlights “Socket Unplugged 3.0” In Yola

The Lelewal Hotel & Suites at Jimeta-Yola in Adamawa State recently hosted a night of joy and music courtesy of humourist Socket CFR in his headline event dubbed “Socket Unplugged 3.0.” The occasion held on June 16, 2024, was not only hilarious, but also marked a new standard for amusement in north-eastern Nigeria.

It was an evening of much anticipation as the fans came together. The union of music and comedy by African China, one of the greatest Afrobeat musicians made the show a standout event. His songs were so good that everyone sang along, while others danced in the background. Another artist that performed after African China was BlaqEnegy. He blew everybody away with his impressive performance that won’t be forgotten easily.

The sounds were beautiful and made complete by the local group Nature Dance Academy, they made sure their movement was timed in such a way that it matched the songs which enhanced everyone's senses during that evening and people were mesmerized by them.

The Socket Unplugged show is identified with humor, and this event didn’t disappoint. Hon Madiba, Bless Me the MC, MC Akilite, MC Wise Usk, MC Kaycee, Kris Talker the MC, Elejo MC, KabenZino MC, Laff Product MC, Chappylongs MC, Retired Madman MC and others graced the stage with their performances. Their distinctive voices together with funny stories made sure everyone in the crowd was continuously laughing hence it was a night of mirth and happiness.

Samuel Michael, known by his stage name Socket CFR, is the creative force driving this remarkable event. Hailing from Adamawa State and Esan-West local government area of Edo State, Socket CFR graduated from Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, where he studied Theatre and Media Arts. His multifaceted talents as a stand-up comedian, brand strategist, content creator, and talent manager have cemented his reputation in the entertainment industry.

In an interview, he suggested upcoming plans and said, “This is just the start”; anticipating that in Africa’s premier comedy show, one which should be able to draw the biggest audience on the continent thanks in part to his unconventional style and new technique, Socket CFR pictures out for “Socket Unplugged” of Africa with one feel – his amusing self.

Beside being entertained “Socket Unplugged” in Adamawa State is now viewed as great strides in exhibiting local talent and cultural diversity; promoting harmonious interaction among people within the state through provision of space where new artists and performers could have their spotlight hence elevating the state's cultural status.

During Socket Unplugged Yola, where participant Nelson Danbak beautifully summarized the atmosphere: “All in a single frame – smiles catching love smiles amongst laughter.” This actually captures the purpose of the event which is about bringing individuals together through laughter and fun.

After such a great accomplishment as “Socket Unplugged 3.0”, Socket CFR’s future can be as bright as you can expect. And as he goes way beyond norms as far as comedy is concerned, he is bound to achieve his goal of hosting even more improved events. Fans cannot wait for the next “Socket Unplugged” where Socket CFR will appear before live audiences in Africa spreading joy creating laughter with his rare style that is full of contagious laughter being sent forth by the comedian who cracks everyone up off guard just by entering any room!”

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