Owan And Larbi Release First Single Of The Year | LISTEN

Dynamic Afrobeats duo Owan & Larbi have released their latest single Lonely at the Bottom on 30th May 2024. This record is their follow up to their last release Waka Waka that continues it good reception till date.

“Lonely At The Bottom” is the first single of the year from the rising Ghanaian Afrobeats duo Owan

& Larbi. & LATB" is what happens when you blend an alternative hip hop song with the traditional drums and rhythmic pulse of Afrobeats and acoustic guitar strings from indie pop. It is an Afrobeats

song packed with heartfelt lyrics about the difficulties of life and how they shape outcomes. One minute you are with your peers journeying to the top only to see yourself left behind in the next, all alone at the bottom. LATB delves into the depths of these down times in life and how disheartening and maddening they can be but offers a hand of hope to keep fighting. Regardless of the setbacks, there is always a way out of these pitfalls.

LATB is an eclectic fusion, with Owan & Larbi’s crooning vocals tying it all together with stellar production from the talented DXX Beat. It is a Ghanaian youthful street motivation song for when you are in your low moments, during workouts, long bus rides, and thoughtful moments.

“Lonely At The Bottom” Is the second single off the duo’s upcoming EP titled “Here’s To New  Beginnings”. The single is out on all digital streaming platforms for your listening pleasure.

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