Shock As Female Prison Officer Filmed Having S*x With An Inmate At London Prison | WATCH


A female prison officer is under police investigation after being filmed engaging in a segxwal act with an inmate at Wandsworth Prison, Britain's second-largest penitentiary.

The officer was recorded in a cell at the South London prison, performing lewd acts and having intercourse with an inmate, as reported by The Sun UK. The explicit footage, over four minutes long, was captured by another inmate and has circulated among prisoners using contraband mobile phones.

The video reveals the officer, who appears to be in her 20s, performing a sex act on an inmate with his grey shorts pulled down. As the scene unfolds, the officer's discarded radio crackles with messages in the background, which she ignores.

One inmate, seen in the video and apparently smoking a joint, comments, "This is how we live at Wandsworth." He continues to joke, “This is a movie, innit – gangsters online.”

The footage shows the prison guard, now no longer employed by the prison service, pulling down her black prison-issued trousers and engaging in intercourse with the inmate against the cell door. Throughout the incident, another inmate with a beard is heard saying, “No one’s coming through the door, bro. I will fight them. No one’s coming – do your thing bro. You know we are family.”

The officer reportedly resigned from her position when the video emerged.

This scandal surfaces amid ongoing concerns about the conditions at Wandsworth Prison. A recent report by HM Inspector of Prisons highlighted the need for "urgent improvement" due to a rise in violence. The inspection revealed systemic and cultural failures, leading to the resignation of the prison’s governor, Katie Price.

As the investigation continues, the incident underscores the challenges faced by Wandsworth Prison and the urgent need for reform within the facility.

Watch full video HERE 

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